About Art-eries


ART-ERIES is a dynamic short film festival inviting filmmakers to explore heart, nature, and media themes. This cinematic event is a collaboration between Noel Foundation and the Visual Communication Department, creating a vibrant space for impactful storytelling.

Screening Date

14th of March 2024


Screening Venue

To be announced Soon

Last Submission Date

10th March, 2024

Prize Distribution Ceremony

14th March, 2024

About Noel Foundation

Noel Foundation is on a life-giving mission for children with congenital heart challenges. From financial aid to emotional care, we stand by families in their toughest times, inspired by our own journey raising Shaun Noel, who faced multiple heart surgeries as a baby. Our heartbeat resonates with a mission: making a profound difference in the lives of children facing chronic heart conditions in India.

Together, let’s be the heartbeat of change and support Noel Foundation’s journey – making every heartbeat matter! Together, let’s be the heartbeat of change and support the Noel Foundation’s journey, where every heartbeat matters.

About Mar Gregorios College

With 25 years of educational excellence, Mar Gregorios College is a beacon of inspiration, fostering critical thinking and character development. Empowering students for meaningful contributions to the nation’s progress, our dynamic academic environment blends knowledge and integrity. Experience transformative education at its best.

About MGC Department of Visual Communication

Mar Gregorious College’s esteemed Department of Visual Communication, students embark on a journey of creativity and academic excellence. With a focus on hands-on learning, our state-of-the-art infrastructure and unique curriculum contribute to the success of our graduates. The department has a distinguished track record, yielding students with notable University Ranks and successful placements in reputable companies such as SUN TV and AnandaVikatan