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Congenital heart disease

The Child – One in every hundred children is born with a heart defect. Every year 1.5 lakh children are born in India with congenital heart disease and hardly 20 to 25 thousands children are managed to get treated. Chief cardiac surgeon of the Mahatma Gandhi Cardiac and Critical Care Centre, Dr Murtaza Chisti says that about 78,000 infants born with congenital heart disease in India die every year because of inadequate health care facilities in the country.

It’s really hard to imagine how much these innocent children suffer and die just because they are born to poor parents as well as lack of awareness. They are in desperate need of love, Care, and protection.

Together, we can impact

The Parent – For many parents, hearing the heartbeat of their unborn child brings them unspeakable joy. But the discovery of a heart defect, whether diagnosed in the womb, shortly after birth, or during childhood is quite devastating for any parent. Feelings of hopelessness and despair coupled with the fear of a financial insecurity looms large before them.

Noel Foundation has been created to help such parents regain their hope by providing them the finance to tide over their financial difficulties and with the support of a loving community of people with shared experiences. This experience and fervor has given genesis to Noel Foundation. Noel Foundation finds its existence in the extreme pain and brokenness that our family and friends have went through in the past. It’s our way of “giving it back”, in the little ways that we can.

Together, we can impact these little fighters’ lives and realize the true power of their innocent smiles.

Donate and support

Every gift, large or small, symbolizes an investment in the future. When you support Noel Foundation, You will be supporting a needy family of India which desperately needs a helping hand in ensuring their Child receive the medical care, education and love.