Welcome to Noel Foundation

Noel Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to working for the social, physical and economic welfare of all classes of people in India irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion especially charity for children and women. Our primary goal is to make a difference in children’s lives through life saving initiatives to provide an opportunity to have new lease of life for children who are fighting with chronic heart conditions in India.

Life-giving mission

To provide a new lease of life for children who have been suffering from life-threatening congenital heart complications.

Life-enhancing mission

To break the cycle of poverty by providing an opportunity for first-generation learners a brighter future through education.

Life caring mission

To provide a home away from home for families of children with chronic heart conditions and other life-threatening illnesses.

A special place where hope reigns

Noel Foundation, a non-profit, aids children with heart defects through financial assistance, emotional support, and a home during hospital stays. They prioritize education for first-generation learners, aiming for social and economic transformation. Their focus extends to supporting women and children. Founded from overcoming adversity, their aim is to foster a positive environment where children challenge weaknesses and amplify strengths with community support. They invite others to join their mission for a progressive, happy, and healthy India.
Charity for children and women