Noel Foundation

Help Save a Child’s Heart


Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is one of the biggest chronic health issues among children. According to AIIMS, New Delhi, 2019 report, More than 2, 00,000 children are born with heart problems (CHD) each year in India. Around 150,000 infants die of congenital heart disease in India every year due to a lack of timely medical help, financial constraints, and lack of awareness. It’s really hard to imagine how much these innocent children suffer and die just because they are born to poor parents as well as lack of awareness. They are in desperate need of love, care, and protection.


The Noel Foundation facilitates medical treatment for critically ill underprivileged children suffering from Heart Defects. Each surgery costs between 1.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs and surgery is often not affordable for many. Through a strategic partnership with hospitals and diligent outreach through grass-root level initiatives, we would use your generous donations to provide an opportunity to have a new lease of life for as many children as possible by providing timely medical help and support to rebuild the lives of innocent kids who are victims of heart disease.


Your support can provide life-changing opportunities – when you partner with us, you

1. Provide an opportunity to have new lease of life for as many children as possible who have been suffering from congenital heart problems.

2. Rebuild the lives of children from a poor socio-economic background in India.

3. We are committed to providing exceptional emotional, physical care with our passionate team throughout the healing process—with confidence, compassion, and a personal touch.

So that together we can strengthen these little fighters and be agents in wiping their tears and bringing back joy into their life and family.








Donations to this NGO have 50% tax exemption for Indian donors.