Noel Foundation hosted a Free medical camp on the 8th of June in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, to reach out to the local residents of around 20 surrounding villages, with the support of a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and volunteers.

The medical camp was organised with the aim of providing healthcare services and raising health awareness among the underserved population in Chittoor. The camp aimed to address various medical conditions, provide consultations, and offer preventive healthcare guidance to the attendees.

The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Shri M.C. Vijayananda Reddy (APSRTC State Vice Chairman – Cabinet Rank), Mr. G. Srinivasulu (Z.P. Chairman, Chittoor), Mr. Rajesh Kumar Reddy (Deputy Mayor), Dr. Sushma Anil (Secretary, Noel Foundation), Dr. Premjith Kumar (Treasurer, Noel Foundation), and Dr. V. Sudhakar Babu (Apollo Superintendent, Chittoor).

All tests, counselling, and medical advice were provided to patients free of charge, and where necessary, referrals to hospitals were organised.

In addition to medical services, the foundation also extended its support to the students of Srinivasam Modern School by distributing free school bags, benefiting the SMS students.

The event was a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Noel Foundation, the guest speakers, the medical professionals, and the numerous contributors, such as Chinnabba, Naresh, Srikanth, Partyban, Rafi, Reddy Mohammad Veeraswamy, Rupa, Kakai Vani, Dhanraj, and others.

The Free Mega Medical Camp organised by the NOEL Foundation served as a testament to the power of community engagement and charitable efforts in providing essential healthcare services to those in need.

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