Celebrating the Heart of Our Foundation

As children across India celebrate 14th November as their special day, many children fight for their lives in hospitals. We at Noel Foundation felt the urge to spread joy to these children as well, to bring a smile to their faces in the midst of their hardships and struggles. On Tuesday, 14th November 2023, our team visited 32 paediatric patients at Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, Chennai.
Children’s Day has been one of the most special events for our Foundation, as it celebrates the very essence of our work – children. We are grateful to Mr. Ravi Shankar, the CEO of the hospital, for having given us the opportunity to spend this day with their paediatric patients. We distributed stationary kits to the children, and we had the honour of spent time getting to know them and their parents.
The hospital had also conducted a programme for Children’s Day, where they’d invited their old patients. It was heart warming to hear the parents share about how the doctors bonded with their children, as they taught them how to care for themselves post their operation. “My child remembers and follows the dietary restrictions placed by the doctor.” said a proud parent. They are tremendously grateful for the medical team at the hospital, who made their challenging times easier to bear.
We are grateful to the medical teams at every hospital that work passionately and tirelessly to save lives everyday, especially of little children. We also appreciate our donors and supporters who make it possible for us to help these children and their families. We would also like to take this time to encourage you to join us on future hospital visits, so that you have a chance to interact with them, and experience first hand the realities faced by these families as their children fight to keep their hearts beating.