Dear Friends and Wellwishers,

Greetings from Noel Foundation!

I hope this letter finds you well during these trying times.

The evolving Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected much of our lives. Amidst this whirlwind, I wish to share with you the annual report of the Noel Foundation. The year 2019 -20 has been a truly blessed year for the Noel Foundation. I am very pleased to share the little steps of progress we have been taking towards our great goal. The foundation celebrated its fifth anniversary successfully. Eminent Musicians displayed their abounding talents and took pride to be contributing to the cause of the foundation. Words cannot express the gratitude for them for taking their time off to help us.

Please read Karthick’s story to truly understand how timely help can save lives. It was really a blessing to witness a new lease on life. This year we have been able to also contribute to a lot of social cause especially during the Corona Pandemic for the families. At this dire hour of need, Noel Foundation has been on the frontlines of relief operations – establishing a path to restoring the lives of migrant workers, daily wage workers and other vulnerable groups. This year we have gone one step ahead by providing not only financial assistance to these children but also helping them face life with a better tomorrow! We are providing assistance to continue their education and we have also provided them with school kits to equip them to study. None of this would be possible without you. Your support and your encouragement keep us going. I mean that sincerely. Your prayerful consideration and giving will carry us forward into the year ahead. Thank you for all you do.

We look forward to your continued support and prayers.

With warm regards,

Hilda Priyadarshini
Managing Trustee – Noel Foundation